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International Department

Long and fruitful experience of ODA projects all over the world.

In today’s international situation, there are host of challenges concerning security of nations and people, reducing disparities, poverty reduction and so on. To face these challenges, we, AEC has a high level of technology and a rich knowledge and aims at a consultant which can carry out a comprehensive management and provides its service through Official Development Assistance (ODA) that is carried out by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

To contribute to the development of emerging and developing countries, we play active parts in the frontier of technical cooperation in human resources development by focusing on three main fields; Civil and building infrastructure, Energy and power, and Economic and social development.

Thematic Issues

Civil & BuildingInfrastructure Energy & Power Economic& SocialDevelopment

  • Traffic and transportation
    Road infrastructure development
    Bridge infrastructure development
    Power infrastructure development
    Environmental &
    social consideration

  • Energy & Power

    Energy policy formulation
    Expansion of energy access
    Electric power development
    Electric power transformation
    Energy conservation
    Power sector analysis

  • Economic & Social Development

    Private sector development
    Trade & Investment promotion
    Fostering SMEs
    & supporting industries
    Industrial platform development
    Financial policy and system
    Social development, promotion
    of gender empowerment
    Social & economic analysis

Our Projects

  • Civil and Building Infrastructure
  • Energy and Power
  • Economic and Social Development

Consultancy Work

Renewable and New Energy

Renewable and New Energy Projects

Our company aim to create a recycling, sustainable society. Other than ODA projects, we take active part in renewable energy and new energy development projects too. By supporting oversea expansion of Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises, we aim to make good use of Japanese technology in solving development challenges in the emerging countries.