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Civil and Building infrastructure

In emerging and developing countries, development of social capital is a must for the improvement in life and the development of industries. In order to promote relations between the urban and rural areas and trade and investment from abroad, infrastructure development such as transportation and energy is very important.

Through development of transportation infrastructure such as the roads and bridges and power infrastructure from power stations, transmission to substations, our company is contributing to build a foundation for a sustainable society by making good use of the technology and knowledge which was gained through domestic infrastructure development projects.

Projects on Bridge Infrastructure

Projects on Bridge Infrastructure

We have engaged in many projects from F/S to D/D in the sector of bridge infrastructure building with extensive familiarity with overseas design standard such as AASHOT and BS.

PickUp: Nizamuddin Bridge in India

This bridge is a PC bridge over Yamuna River which flowing Capital Delhi City. Parallell to another existed, it was built –which fundamental adopted by open-caisson method. This work received high evaluation of Japanese elaborative technology.

Projects on Road Infrastructure

Projects on Road Infrastructure

Road system development of major roads and metropolitan road network are still our primary challenge.

PickUp: Shinduli Road in Nepal

Shinduli Road is recognized as one of the most essential major roads in Nepal. The total extension is 160km long, connecting Capital Kathmandu and Terai grassland. It was a megaproject from design to completion for over 2 decades.

Projects on Power Infratructure

Projects on Power Infratructure

Insufficient power supply against increasing demand is a major constraint of economic development in emerging countries. It is urgent to realize long-term stable power supply and improve energy efficiency.

PickUp: Combined Cycle Power Plant construction in Navoi, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s power generating industry promotes installation of combined cycle gas turbine for improvement of energy efficiency.