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Civil and Building infrastructure

In emerging and developing countries, development of social capital is a must for the improvement in life and the development of industries. In order to promote relations between the urban and rural areas and trade and investment from abroad, infrastructure development such as transportation and energy is very important.

Through development of transportation infrastructure such as the roads and bridges and power infrastructure from power stations, transmission to substations, our company is contributing to build a foundation for a sustainable society by making good use of the technology and knowledge which was gained through domestic infrastructure development projects.

Projects on Bridge Infrastructure

Projects on Bridge Infrastructure

We have engaged in many projects from F/S to D/D in the sector of bridge infrastructure building with extensive familiarity with overseas design standard such as AASHTO and BS.

PickUp: Meghna Bridge in Bangladesh

This bridge is located on national highway No.1 connecting Dhaka and Chittagong, the capital and the second largest city of Bangladesh. There was rapid increase of traffic demand in Bangladesh due to the economic development, and to support the demand major renovations and constructions of bridges were given. Measures to prevent bridge scour and improvement for seismic resistance were also implemented, contributing not only to the expansion of traffic capacity but also to the improvement of traffic safety.

Projects on Road Infrastructure

Projects on Road Infrastructure

Road system development of major roads and metropolitan road network are still our primary challenge.

PickUp: Shinduli Road in Nepal

Shinduli Road is recognized as one of the most essential major roads in Nepal. The total extension is 160km long, connecting Capital Kathmandu and Terai grassland. It was a megaproject from design to completion for over 2 decades.

Projects on Power Infratructure

Projects on Power Infratructure

Electricity infrastructure provides sustainable livelihoods for emerging and developing countries that still need electricity. High-quality Japanese technology contributes to the safe and comfortable lives of people in that country.
In Iraq, due to the effects of wars and economic sanctions because of religious conflicts, power supply delays and equipment aging have progressed, and the power penetration rate has declined significantly. This project aims to restore stable a power supply and develop the economy and society.

PickUp: Combined Cycle Power Plant construction in Navoi, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s power generating industry promotes installation of combined cycle gas turbine for improvement of energy efficiency.

Track Records (not all)

Country Project Name 【Position】 Duration
Philippines North-South Commuter Railway Extension Project 【Construction Supervision】 Apr.2021~Sep.2021
Myanmar Power Distribution Improvement Project in Yangon Phase 1 Mar.2016~Mar.2022
Pakistan The Data Collection Survey on the Project for the strengthening the community infrastructure by the Social Access Improvement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Feb.2021~Sep.2021
Nepal Balambu Flyover Bridge 【D/D】 Sep.2020~Mar.2021
Indonesia Renewable Boiler (CFB) Project of Paiton CFPP No.1/No.2 (Civil Work) Dec.2020~Mar.2021
Iraq Sewerage Construction Project in Kurdistan Region Mar.2020~Jul.2026
Philippines Soundness Evaluation for Alabang Viaduct Nov.2019~Jul.2020
Mongolia Small and Medium-Size Enterprise (SME) Partnership Promotion Survey for Introducing the Winter Road Maintenance Technology Sep.2019~May.2020
Philippines Reclamation Works in Bataan Freeport Economic Zone (Mariveles Bay In FAB) Oct.2019~Aug.2020
Papua New Guinea Detailed Design Survey on the Project for Capacity Development on Road Development (Phase II) 【Road Maintenance Capacity Enhancement】 Sep.2019~Dec.2019
Kenya Olkaria I Additional Unit 6 Geothermal Power Development Project Lot 2 (JICA ODA Loan) Jul.2019~Mar.2020
Senegal Project for Rehabilitation of the Third Wharf in Dakar Port 【Design and Supervision】 Apr.2019~Aug.2021
Philippines Consulting Services for the Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of the Cavite Industrial Area Flood Risk Management Project 【D/D】 Mar.2019~Sep.2020
Myanmar Power Distribution Improvement Project in Yangon Phase 1 April.2018~Mar.2021
Egypt Electricity Distribution System Improvement Project Oct.2017~Nov.2017
Iraq Electricity Sector Reconstruction Project (Phase 2) Apr.2017~Apr.2022
Myanmar Preparatory Survey for the Project for Rural Infrastructure Development in Local Areas Aug.2017~Oct.2018
India Dedicated Freight Corridor Project (Phase 2) Jul.2016~Feb.2019
Pakistan Feasibility Study & Detailed Design for Construction of Sukkur-Rohri Bridge Over River Indus May.2017~Mar.2019
Bangladesh Project for the Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Plant Jul.2015~Oct.2017
Iraq Technical support for the 400kVGIS Substation Project Oct.2016~Mar.2020
Iraq Khor Al-Zubair Fertilizer Plant Rehabilitation Project 【Consulting】 Jun.2015~Mar.2021
Uzbekistan Navoi Thermal Power Station Modernization Project 【Civil Engineer】 May.2014~Jul.2016
India North East Road Network Connectivity Improvement Project (Phase 2) Mar.2016~Feb.2017
Djibouti Preparatory Survey on the Project for Improvement of Road Management Equipment Jul.2015~Feb.2016
Egypt Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution System Improvement Project Dec.2014~Jul.2015