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Renewable and New Energy

What is New Energy Resource?

Today, energy is essential for people's lives and industrial activities. Ensuring a stable supply is essential for national security. However, fossil fuel called finite resource generates Greenhouse Gases which causes global warming. In recent years, while remarkable economic development have been achieved, emerging countries have faced many environmental and social issues due to energy shortage, inadequate water treatment, and waste disposal problems.

It is time to explore breakthrough approaches which support sustainable energy supply as well as global warming countermeasures.

In parallel with improvement of traditional renewable energy such as solar and wind, the potential for new energy resource is experiencing an increase in attention lately as the generic name of the new energy that does not depend on conventional fossil fuel but use as an energy resource. In other words, new energy is produced by innovative technologies utilizing resource not used up until now and convert to a fuel cell. Development of renewable and new energy is one of the most effective measures to build a safety and secured society with diversification of sources of energy.

Our Initiatives in the Development of New Energy

We take advantage of effective and efficient energy technology to diversify sources of energy.

Examples of Our Renewable and New Energy Projects

  • Gasification, pyrolysis of biomass (wooden chip and Jatropha)
  • Gasification, pyrolysis of plastic waste
  • Systemization of waste processing system and
    recycle as energy resources of waste such as defective products and residue
  • Producing biofuel from Micro Algae (Dunaliella)
  • Plastic waste in final disposal area

    Plastic waste
    in final disposal area

  • Agricultural residue


  • Biomass crop (Jatropha)

    Biomass crop

  • Micro Algae (Dunaliella)

    Micro Algae

As a trustful company, we support you to investigate the natural conditions, environmental and social background and build up a business model so as to realize the low-carbon economy which achieves local production and local consumption of decentralized energy.

Our Approach and Worldwide Network

By using financial assistance scheme for Japanese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises provided by JICA and ministries, we will connect suppliers who try to expand Japanese technologies overseas and customers who need eco-friendly solutions. In this way, we contribute to solving local problems by implementing needs surveys and proposals of dissemination demonstrations, taking into account political, economic, and environmental system as well as tax and legislation in those countries.

Among the countries that we have assisted in JICA’s development projects in the past, we have especially network and are familiar with the local stakeholder such as governmental agencies, universities, experts in Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Serbia, and Moldova.

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